1/27/07 The Dallas Morning News, McKinney Neighbors

Owners’ passion for pizza makes Brooklyn’s a favorite destination

            “Our focus on product quality and freshness leads us to do things customers would never expect a little pizzeria to do,” says Jason Graman, co-owner of Brooklyn’s Old Neighborhood Style Pizzeria.
            Mr. Graman backs up that claim by listing several ways Brooklyn’s goes above and beyond to deliver top-quality pizza flavor and freshness. “We use cheese from Vermont and Wisconsin, and shred it in our stores, we hand-chop all our toppings, and we age our dough–that makes all the difference in how the dough tastes,” he says. “We look at the dough as a true ingredient of the pizza, rather than just something to throw the sauce on.”
            He also notes that Brooklyn’s pizzas are cooked on stone, not on conveyor belts, everything is MSG-free, and he starts with only the finest, freshest ingredients. Sounds like he’s got every angle covered.
            Brooklyn’s comes by its pizza prowess–and it’s name–legitimately, as Mr. Graman’s father, and co-owner Marty Graman, began the business when he moved to the area from Brooklyn to be near his first grandchild. After 19 years in the restaurant business around the country, Jason Graman moved to the area as well, and joined his father’s thriving business. The original McKinney location has been open since 2000, and three additional Metroplex locations have since been added, with more to come, Jason Graman says.
            The Brooklyn’s concept is founded on simplicity, he says. “We’re authentic. We don’t try to be something we’re not. We try to give the feel of a Brooklyn neighborhood pizza experience.”
            That may sound simple, but the Gramans have worked hard to provide guests with the best possible experience. “We have a guest-first philosophy. We wanted to create an environment in the restaurant that serves the customer,” Mr. Graman says. To that end, Brooklyn’s is “the first and only true fast-casual pizza restaurant,” he says. This concept means that guests place their order at the counter, then the wait staff delivers the order to their table when it is ready. The wait staff is also available to refill glasses and provide additional menu items.
            Mr. Graman says the fast-casual restaurant experience provides guests the ideal combination of quick ordering and relaxed dining. “The concept elevates our service to create an enjoyable experience, but it can still be a quick, easy visit,” Mr. Graman says.
            While Brooklyn’s does offer delivery and take-out service as well, Mr. Graman says he prefers to see guests dine in and enjoy themselves.
            Brooklyn’s will unveil a new menu at the end of January which will place added focus on salads and other alternatives to pizza. These new items will be prepared with the same attention to quality and freshness as existing Brooklyn’s offerings. “We use home-made fresh pasta, not dry pasta from a box,” Mr. Graman says. “We have also developed a good relationship with our produce distributors, so we get the best quality from them.”
            Calzone, stromboli, a wide variety of pasta entrees, over a half-dozen salads, and several sandwiches round out the extensive pizza offerings, ensuring Brooklyn’s menu includes several choices for everyone. The kid-friendly atmosphere carries over to the menu as well, with five kid-style choices.
            Adult-friendly choices abound as well, especially on the beverage menu. Guests will find a variety of beer and wine, and Mr. Graman prides himself on searching out “the little gems priced just right” from his wine suppliers. As new flavors are discovered, he frequently updates his bottles providing a unique wine selection.
            Schedule your own trip to Brooklyn’s soon and enjoy great pizza without getting on an airplane. Brooklyn’s in McKinney is located in The Kroger Center at 4900 Eldorado Parkway, on the northeast corner of Lake Forest and Eldorado and can be reached at 972-540-5561. Visit additional Brooklyn’s locations in Allen, Frisco and Plano.
            Hours at all locations are Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. until 9 p.m.

For more information, phone the McKinney location
at 972-540-5561, or visit www.brooklyns.com.